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What would you do if you had a patented system crawling through the darkest shadows of the market and detecting what Insiders are doing with their money in REAL time?

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Today, Ben Sturgill, the former pro athlete and tech entrepreneur, is making the impossible a reality.

By giving SPYDER Trades a try, you’ll be able to access the same patented indicator that Ben is using to give his readers a 84.16% win rate...

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Here’s a Detailed Summary of Everything You’ll Get Today…

One Full Year Membership to SPYDER Trades

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PRIVATE Login Access to the SPYDER Scanner

As a new member of SPYDER Trades, you'll receive your private login to Ben's patented SPYDER scanner to identify the top "Unusual Option Activity" setups every day the market is open.

Private Login to Ben's SPYDER Dynamic Watchlist

Remember, unlike a human analyst, the SPYDER works 24/7 by crawling through millions of lines of code in the market's darkest shadows to identify the amount of money wealthy insiders are piling into an investment… in real-time.

And once you become a member, you'll also get private login access to Ben's Dynamic SPYDER Watchlist. Anytime an unusually large option bet is placed… it will be added to the watchlist automatically. Ben and his team are putting the final touches on it right now, and as soon as it's ready, new members will have immediate access to this invaluable resource.

Real-Time SPYDER Trade Alerts and Daily SPYDER Premarket Prep

When you become a new member, you'll also get immediate access to Ben's SPYDER Watchlist. These are the top "Unusual Option" bets that Ben is keeping a close eye on.

Whenever Ben decides it's time to get into a specific trade, he'll send you a trade alert with precise entry and exit instructions directly to your phone and via email. That way, you can be sure not to miss a beat.

In addition, every single trading day, Ben will host a 15-minute morning session to fill you in on the top SPYDER setups to take advantage of and provide a step-by-step plan of action he's following for optimal success.

Exclusive Bonus: The SPYDER Trader's Handbook

You'll also receive a copy of Ben's SPYDER Handbook. With the information detailed inside, you can fast-track your way to being "in the room" alongside insiders, hedge funds, and institutional investors.

This short and value-packed actionable handbook will quickly get you up to speed so you can immediately start leveraging the SPYDER system.

Exclusive Video Series: How to Trade "Unusual Options Activity" Like A Veteran Trader and Options 101 Bootcamp

With access to these video series, you'll get comprehensive, step-by-step training directly from Ben. He covers everything you need to know to get started right away. From how to place an options trade and how to manage risk…to a behind-the-scenes view of the patented SPYDER's inner workings and how he leverages it to trade unusual option activity…Ben has you covered.

Weekly "SPYDER" Spotlight Videos

Inside the members-only area of the website, Ben will host "Weekly SPYDER Spotlight Calls," conducting his pinpoint analysis and reviews of the most profitable SPYDER trades of the week…

Giving members valuable insight into the cause and effect of the week's top SPYDER winners… so you can learn how Ben thinks and see the market through his camera lens.

LIVE Midweek Mentoring Sessions

Ben will be using your suggestions from chat throughout the week to shape the week’s live lesson! During this LIVE call, Ben will show you where new opportunities are headed…

And what to keep an eye on as you capitalize on these massive "Unusual Option Activity" trade setups together.

Don't worry – if you can't attend the live calls, the recordings will be posted in the members area to watch later.Throughout the rest of the week, he’ll be delivering his top trading lessons from his personal training archive.

Private Access to the 24/7 SPYDER Customer-Care Team

If you ever have any questions about logging into the member's area or anything related to your SPYDER membership, simply call our US-based SPYDER expert team, who will gladly walk you through everything you need.

PLUS, Your Membership is 100% Backed by Ben's "Bulletproof SPYDER Guarantee"

As a new member of SPYDER Trades, you're entitled to a 30-day window to look under the hood, kick the tires, and leverage the SPYDER to help you shift your trading results into overdrive. If you find yourself anything less than 100% satisfied within these 30 days, simply call our friendly US-based customer care team and we will happily give you a FULL credit for the total amount you pay today.

I hope you understand the rare opportunity in front of you today…

To try a brand-new research service based on a strategy so proprietary, it has its own U.S. patent.

And the best part, you can try it for only $1,995… 60% off the retail price.

Remember, you’re fully backed by Ben’s “Bulletproof SPYDER Guarantee”...

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply call our friendly, U.S.-based customer care team within 30 days, and they’ll issue you a credit refund for the total amount you pay today.

So, if you’re serious about leveraging a proprietary strategy that works 24/7 to crawl through the darkest shadows of the market and alert you to what these wealthy insiders are doing with their cold hard cash in real time…

So that you can potentially profit right alongside them…

Then I encourage you to become a member of SPYDER Trades today.

Just remember, to unlock all these Smart Money Workshop membership perks, you must be one of the first 100. Once the spots are full, we’ll be forced to close the offer down.

To get started, simply fill out the secure order form below.

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And again, congratulations on your wise decision.